HAARP Activity Off The Charts During Japan Earthquake

Beyond The Curtain


The 8.9 earthquake that rocked Tokyo today resulted in a giant tsunami that caused and is still causing incredible damage to beach cities across the world. Following a week of electromagnetic silence, HAARP was turned on at approximately 0:00 hours 9 March, 2011 UTC. Here is the data for the last 36 hours.

The image below is a time-frequency spectrogram, which shows the frequency content of signals recorded by the HAARP Induction Magnetometer. This instrument, provided by the University of Tokyo, measures temporal variations in the geomagnetic field in the ULF (ultra-low frequency) range of 0-5 Hz. The spectrogram images are produced by computing the PSD (power spectral density) of successive 102.4-second segments of timeseries data, and plotting these spectra as color/intensity slices along a 24-hour scale.

For the past week prior to the quake, HAARP has been turned off with the induction magnetometer looking something like this everyday:

The chart below is a running 36 hour plot of the readings taken from the fluxgate magnetometer, built by the University of Alaska, Geophysical Institute, operating at the HAARP ionospheric observatory in Gakona, Alaska. The three traces represent mutually orthogonal components of the earth’s magnetic field as follows:

* The “H” component (black trace) is positive magnetic northward
* The “D” component (red trace) is positive eastward
* The “Z” component (blue trace) is positive downward

Geomagnetic storminess is usually indicated in oscillatory variations in the earth’s magnetic field. Additional detail concerning the nature and severity of the ionospheric disturbance can be found through analysis of the three components of the field.


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  1. I just posted this on my blog! Thanks for the info and please keep it comin. Benjamin Fulford around 2008 that this would happen to Japan because they would not submit to Rockefeller’s economic designs for them.


  2. HIV; UFO; Contrails; Polio; Chorine; Fluorine; Tsunami; Earthquakes…and we still have way too many feeders to suit the elite. Starvation is probably their favorite way to kill us.

  3. So how do you think they aim HAARP? I’d be really interested as to whether you even have a theory as to how HAARP is aimed, or whether your theory is that the genius illuminati learned how to do it from UFOs.

    • Benjamin
      To see how they aim the HAARP antennas see “Holes in Heaven” website … the HAARP personnel explain … also see how they can mimic the sun, heat the magnetosphere over 1,200 degrees F, and warp the atmosphere with a Tesla dome… there is a lot more …

      • You didn’t answer the question, you just told us to see a documentary film. How about an answer. How do you aim HAARP? I’ve yet to see any explanation that makes any sense.

    • Dont be such a dumbass. It is not about aiming it is about concentrating the REFLECTION back to earth. HAARP shoots straight up, the returning reflection is what can be controlled and aimed. You tilt a mirror 90 degrees the reflection is pretty much controllable right? Same thing with HAARP. It is the returning reflection which is controlled and concentrated on a particular target.

    • It is possible that they the U.S. Military has figured a way to concentrate and direct the beam on to a satellite which can then position and direct the beam back to specific locations on Earth. I haven’t had the time to research this assertion but because HAARP is in the hands of the Pentagon, that ability would have to be a priority for them. Ever since they took the weather project over in order to “weaponise” it some 15 years (?) ago, they have worked towards this end.

    • Benjamin, the original design comes from the cloudbuster created by willian reich, you yourself are picking up the dust due to the assumption this is out of your realm of possibilities, grow up and smell some more interesting salts.

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  5. Holes In Heaven and Angel’s Don’t Play This HAARP should be seen by everyone. Also the
    films on Chemtrails (call them what you want)
    are changing people’s minds about what is going on.
    I have almost nobody to talk with about any of it.
    Maybe my lucky day is coming.

    • Same here, no one to talk about it , but i know what i observe lately. And it just doesnt fit here and there. Im from holland and haarp readings from last week were in the 4/5 range. I observe all things brightly for years and i see the change and it had non-natural aspects in it that started me thinking and looking for answers on the net. I then came to H.A.A.R.P and it all makes sence to me.
      I am a HSP and i senced some blockades or disturbtion in my normal goings and feelings. It was an awquard week and now when i was looking up for answers there was a video about the atlantic ocean and how they also are working underwater with millions of beacons. I try to find the video and post it here. It is something they are triggering /altering , but its too late to stop it because they started a long lasting effect.

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  7. I have a bad feeling this could be the haarp. Dr. Begich said Haarp could do this in his interview on radio yesterday. Unfortunately I dont think you get to be the leader of Japan unless you have Rockefeller approval. I think this usually envolves having blackmail leverage on them in some way. Going public means being printed in the controlled media. Does this mean the south west is the next target?

  8. pretty soon ya won’t evern be allowed to comment

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  11. You know, I read so many of these accounts by totally delusional psychopaths, and it makes me lose faith in humanity. So let me get this straight: HAARP, a USA Defense Project, has “stations” all over the World, including Countries such as Turkey, China, and Russia. So all of the Countries supposedly housing these “stations” are helping the USA to “weaponize” the upper atmosphere of the Earth. You are talking about a government where it’s space agency (NASA) wanted to go back to the moon, until Obama stepped in. Russia has a manned mission going to Mars and the moons of Mars this year, and the USA just finished flying a stupid shuttle to the ISS- AGAIN. This is a Country that wigged out over Wiki-Leaks, when the most “lethal” secrets were that Kim Jong-Il was a “chubby chap” and Quadaffi had a “hot nurse”. Are you kidding me? Do you really think that for a second HAARP could successfully “weaponize” the upper atmosphere of the Earth WITHOUT mangling USA residents? Turning the upper atmosphere into “plasma” (another item I read from a delusional psychopath)? Look, with the solar flares, proximity of the moon, the rotation of the tectonic plate shifting pressures, a whole bunch of crap is going to happen this year that has NOTHING to do with HAARP. Get a grip, folks!!

    • just remember they said the u2 was for high altitude(70,000ft at edge of stratusphere)weather study as well, it was only after it got shot down they had to explain. im not saying haarp is a weapon but if it was general public may never know. russians have never been afraid to send cosmos on missions their programs arent ready for.

    • lol ed norton ure so closed minded shows how people really are stupid aye.Of course haarp causes alot caused our quake in chch n.z my uncle works for nassa in houston not saying who have got proof haarp caused alot of quakes in world and so much more damage the screwed up cant reverse it so n ow pin pointing exactly.u all would be amazed what man can do now.some people are so dense pretty much anything you can think they can do now.SO WAKE UP MR ED NORTON.

  12. And by the way, click on the links to this “off the charts” activity during the Japan earthquake- it’s totally bogus! Notice how you can’t even read the data embedded in this article?

    • The data links may be bad or they may not be. IDK. I do know that the data that he links to is the same data available at the HAARP website.

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  14. a nice peaceful quiet silent spring for the lizard people

  15. that’s scientific enough for me,any body got a ride to the great “white”North, I’d like to conduct some further Tesla test, unperverted that is

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  17. You people all kill me, and you`re playing right into their hands. WHY did this happen, should be the question. A daily NET increase in population worldwide of over 200,000 people per DAY is WHY.
    The solution is simple. Stop having so many genetic kids!

  18. But that`s the most difficult part. How many exactly?

    “MAINTAIN humanity UNDER 500 million”

  19. First we all work together on this single project. We all live on the same FINITE planet. So we must first reach UNDER 500 million. One child per couple GENETICALLY for just 4,5 generations to get started on the Eternal Cycle. Adopt as many as you want. In fact there should be a facility somewhere that takes care of homeless children and offers them up for adoption FREE of charge. After 4,5 generations of single childbirths, we should reach a generation of approximately 250 million people. And that will be the starting generation of the Eternal Cycle.

    Eternal Cycle

  20. 4 on 4off
    4 generations of single child births, followed by 4 generations of 4 child births per couple. If you do the numbers that will MAINTAIN 500 million FOREVER.
    With the results being what has been labeled as a “resource-based economy” as promoted with the Venus Project. Back in 1974 one of the creators Jacques Fresco told Larry King in an interview that we didn`t need population control with an educated population. He failed to inform us of the education that we needed, cause we`ve nearly DOUBLED since. DOUBLED in just 37 years. THAT`S what fuels H.A.A.R.P.
    The Eternal Cycle above is the safe alternative. One or the other MUST happen.
    There`s the CHOICES

  21. Before anyone gets into an uproar, this could all start say next year. Every single couple starts with a clean slate. The single child births are only the ones who were born AFTER this year. Alot of women are through having children now, so they`re ahead of the game.
    The plan above WILL work, GUARANTEED. We just need to WORK it.

  22. I challenge anyone out there to do the numbers and prove me wrong.

  23. kinda of like a self replicating capitalist Doomsday spzermacidal mangina auto cream applicatz

  24. The most grateful appreciation I can think to say is there is a special place in heaven for your most thoughtful, generous wonderfulness to give the public this site to get informed by, free online documentaries of the highest caliber, a million thank you’s, and there must be good karma waiting for you also!!! 🙂

  25. Alex Collier’s 1995 Comment:

    “A Part of Japan will Sink”

    Is the 3-11-11 Sendai catastrophe what Collier was referring to in 1995 ?

  26. What just happened in N.C.

    This radar display is not naturally caused:


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  28. Way too much info guys,the sheeple wont except any of your arguments,nor do they understand them,nor will they try to.Weather weapons have been around for a long time.Read revs.in the bible! The thing is, these “leaders of the world” have an almost “guide book” to create fear and hate throughout the world.I hear alot of people talk about the bible as though its just a book….Well,its not just a book if you use it. Its a tool to understanding life and death.what about this.What if Revelations in the bible is true and the reason it happens, is because we already know what to do.If our controllers try to make Revs happen, then it stands to reason that it is happening.Get it? Things come from ideas in the first place and Revs is the idea that we all screw ourselves. We all must wake up to the fact that the world is changing for the worst. We are the answer! People! not sheeple! READ DAVID ICKE.COM The world is starting to wake.We are all on the same planet,are we not?We are many they are few.Please unite.Question everything!!!

  29. HAARP IS REAL so all you people pretending its not that its not killing people all round world wake up its not a conspiracy its just fact de population and making huge money doing it and so many other things in corprate power companies.the people that think bogus an what crap.mate they are the most stupid closeminded idots ive ever heard of.we are making video at monent in new zealand to get on main stream media we have researched for years with backing of my uncle works for nassa due to govt control etc.we have to be private why their is a big group of us to avoid tracking etc which is impossible but harder to convict that way in freedom of protest for people.also huge event is going to happen next year 2012 not the mayan time but other.by haarp as been planned for years etc.as seen the documents instead of you all arguing go main stream and do it if you want yr kids to live.protest get out there together.join an STOP BLOODY HAARP KILLING. otherways to stop population growing other then killing wake up



    for some of you here that don’t seem to have a clue i suggest that you research
    “earth frequency, 7.83 hz”….this is the earths pulse frequency and is also in the range of alpha brain waves……..then WTFU….

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  36. I had no idea that this was gong on. I’m in Australia and I’m going to investigate what is happening with haarp over this side of the planet. THE WORLD has to know about this. I still want my time to play Borderlands 2.

  37. Aw, this was a really nice post. Taking the time and actual effort to create a great article… but what can I say… I procrastinate a whole lot and don’t seem to get anything done.

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  39. I’m amazed, I have to admit. Seldom do I encounter a blog that’s both equally educative and interesting, and let me tell you, you’ve hit the nail on the head. The issue is something too few folks are speaking intelligently about. I’m very happy I stumbled across this during my hunt for something concerning this.

  40. An outstanding share! I have just forwarded this onto a coworker who was conducting a little homework on this. And he in fact ordered me lunch due to the fact that I discovered it for him… lol. So let me reword this…. Thanks for the meal!! But yeah, thanks for spending the time to talk about this issue here on your web site.

  41. Change always comes from the bottom, never the top. If this thing is going to get exposed you’re going to have to start at the bottom.

  42. I am a Univ teacher and I really don’t know how to explain this to the students even though I know they are interested. I was wondering if someone could make some kind of a chart to make it simpler for them to grasp the idea of this.. Even something that has many of the dates, names of the events or storms and the activity H.A.A.R.P. played in it.
    Then it would start a chain reaction of inquirires.

  43. Next time I read a blog, Hopefully it doesn’t disappoint me as much as this one. I mean, Yes, it was my choice to read through, however I actually thought you would probably have something helpful to talk about. All I hear is a bunch of whining about something that you could possibly fix if you weren’t too busy seeking attention.

  44. Way cool! Some very valid points! I appreciate you writing this write-up and the rest of the site is really good.

  45. A motivating discussion is worth comment. I do think that you should publish more about this subject matter, it may not be a taboo matter but usually folks don’t talk about such topics. To the next! Many thanks!!

  46. Haarp is reality. It does exist and it’s being used with more and
    more frequency over the last 5 years. People who choose to not
    believe of it’s existence, are sheep. They probably watch a lot
    of heavily censored media television and believe that their government
    will look after them in the face of a ”real crisis.” Please…

    Don’t you people out there think that you have had your head
    stuck up your butt for so long that it has hampered your ability
    to function at a normal level? We think so.
    So wake up and smell the coffee.

    Haarp is here, it is destructive and it is not going away.
    So the question is: “What are you prepared to do?!”

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    I need to to thank you for your time due to this wonderful read!!
    I definitely savored every bit of it and I have you book-marked to look at new stuff in your website.

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