CNN’s Piers Morgan Blows Up on Larry Pratt Over Gun Rights

Gun Owners of America executive director Larry Pratt battled CNN host Piers Morgan in an epic debate over the merits of having an armed population who might be able to stop psychopathic shooters in the midst of a deluge of media and establishment cries for an end to gun rights.

Pratt appeared today on the Alex Jones Show to follow up on the appearance and refute the attacks handed him on CNN while attempting to bring clarity to a discussion intentionally muddied by exploiting the senseless tragedy against children.


2 Responses

  1. We feel that the biggest problem is prescription drugs. The media won’t go there, probably because many pharmaceutical companies are their sponsors.

  2. I believe that all gun owners should stand up and fight for our rights and that CNN should fire Piers Morgan for everything he has done in the last week or so. He was rude to anyone with a positive thought about guns. I will come interview with piers morgan anytime he wants.I also think CNN is partly to blame for this weeks events on tv , I’m surprised that piers morgan didn’t ask if he could hold up a dead baby for his ratings. THIS IS WHATS WRONG WITH AMERICA. I didn’t see Piers Morgan or Don Lenmon on TV today when Amercas heros were gunned down by someone, that someone happened to be released by the justice system after killing his mother with a Hammer . REALLY PEOPLE ? Really, kill your mother with a hammer and see free time. Piers Morgan and CNN are responsable for putting three time the guns and ammo on the streets then normal. Everyday i go to the gun store and you would not believe what you will see. GUNS will ALWAYS be in our hands. You can have mine when you pry it from my COLD DEAD FINGERS. Kevin Todd

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