Kevin Trudeau, Global Information Network: Investigation into secret club promoted by TV pitchman


KANSAS CITY, MO – The private club is advertised as exclusive. Its promoted benefits include learning secrets of success, rubbing elbows with elite and powerful members of society and putting thousands of dollars in your pocket.

Oh, and by the way, the club’s main spokesperson is a best-selling author and infamous infomercial marketer. If you don’t know Kevin Trudeau by name, you will almost certainly recognize his face.

An investigation by ABC15’s Scripps station in Kansas City went undercover to learn about the Global Information Network. After speaking to diehard members and vocal critics of this worldwide club, the questions turned to the leader of this secret society.

Is the man who’s been accused of deceiving thousands of consumers now helping people positively change their lives? Or has Trudeau found a new way to get people to empty their wallets?

Kansas City man hooked by aspirations of wealth

Back in 2010, Abe Husein was watching late-night television in his Kansas City home when an infomercial grabbed his attention.

On the screen, a familiar face insisted that people have the power to have what they want in life. The man was prolific pitchman Kevin Trudeau.

“I believe they can have Aladdin’s lamp, a genie they can give a command to,” said Trudeau.

The infomercial advertised a 14-disc audio called “Your Wish is Your Command.” Husein was intrigued and decided to purchase a copy.

When the 26-year-old listened to the final CD of the program, there was a special message from Trudeau, inviting listeners to join an exclusive club.

That club was the Global Information Network . Husein checked out the website and watched a video about benefits of the club, along with a description of how members could earn income.

GIN promotes what supporters would call multi-level marketing. Some critics, however, would label the money-making system as a pyramid scheme.

Within the club, it’s known as the affiliate-building program . Essentially, get someone to join GIN, and you get a portion of the commission. Get dozens of people to join, and you are collecting thousands of dollars every month.

Husein decided it was too good of an opportunity to pass up. Before long, he paid the $1,000 cost to become a member and started forking over $150 monthly dues.

“I decided that I was going to take a huge risk in life and invest all the money I have and go all the way with GIN,” he said.

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