Israel Bombs Media Center in Gaza, Blames Hamas


Foreign reporters in Gaza are forced to scramble, as their offices are targeted by Israeli bombs. Several journalists have been wounded. Tel Aviv says it wants to send Gaza “back to the Middle Ages” – and is preparing a ground invasion, while militants retaliate with unguided rockets. RT’s Bill Dod talks to Israeli Defence Force spokesperson, Avital Leibovich.


2 Responses

  1. Hamas put a communication tower on the roof of the building, didn’t they?

  2. I really get a kick out of seeing a first world nation using modern military force against a third world civilian based army.

    We all got the nightly news of how the bad ass Momar Kadafi was using modern military jets against his own people and the world went nuts calling for action! We see Syria using modern weapons of war against its own people and the USA calling for action to stop this brutality!

    But seeing its the Jews killing Muslims I guess this makes it so much less a crime?

    What the fuck is wrong with this world? I am no idiot if these cock suckers who run our world can do this to these poor people they can do it to the rest of us. There is war coming and lots and lots of poor people around the world are going to loose their lives fighting for secret agendas controlled by the extremely rich!

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