Prop 37: food companies spend $45m to defeat California GM label bill

Labels on bags of snack foods indicate they are non-GMO

Suzanne Goldenberg
The Guardian

Monsanto and other agribusiness and food companies have spent more than $45m (£28m) to defeat a California ballot measure that would require labelling of some GM foods.

The measure, proposition 37, is one of the most contentious initiatives on California‘s election ballot on Tuesday.

If it passes, it would require labels on GM food sold in supermarkets, but would not cover restaurants. It also has a number of gaping loopholes. For example, the law would not require labels on meat from animals that were fed GM corn.

Even with those caveats, the agribusiness and food companies have outspent the yes side by about five to one trying to kill the bill. Monsanto alone has spent more than $8m.

“I think it’s a David and Goliath story with the companies that manufacture or benefit from genetically engineered food being the Goliath,” said David Newman, president of Maplight, which tracks the influence of money in politics.

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2 Responses

  1. I had this image of California of being informed modern society with an eye on the future. A culture of educated individuals who were beyond racism and bigotry. I no longer have this illusion of California. These fucking sheeple have just voted against their best interests. Under the definition of voting against your best interests this should be the example used for the world to learn from. This was a no brainer! Even the communist Chinese have this right! A world run by the rich for the rich and us poor can’t eat their shit fast enough! We send our children to die in foreign countries under the guise of patriotism and rally around their two puppets who turn out for every single election in the so called free world!

    This poison monopoly called Monsanto who’s board members read like the who’s who of Washington’s Governing Elite. Including the esteemed names like Mitt Romney has just fed Californians a lethal concoction of bullshit and they ate it up and asked for more!

    This plague of a corporation has taken organism’s from God’s own creation and mutated them into something unnatural. The very people they put into Government gave them proprietary legal rights over these so called new organisms! France has done a more in-depth study and found these GMO’s to be extreme carcinogens!

    The who’s who of the FDA also loaded with former Monsanto board members have also conspired to legalize this poison into the mainstream food chain!

    Would it interest you Mitt Romney the so called genius behind the rebirth of Monsanto, only eats organic! Is this a eugenics process the rich have designed to eliminate the populations? They don’t need seven billion servants! Actually I can see their point. The number of poor is detrimental to their survival. Sooner or later the poor will get tired of eating their stool and wake up! It happened in France!

    There is a war going on in the world we all live in. Its a war between the haves and the have nots! One is very organized and has rigged every single so called democratic election through out the so called free world! There is a reason it costs six hundred million dollars to win a two point five million dollar job! Because the cost of getting an honest man into the white house would be catastrophic to the rich!

    There is a camera now on every street corner of my City. The police are now everywhere handing out tickets like God Bless You! We got red light camera’s and I myself thought that was good news. Running Red lights are the number one cause of death in motor vehicle accidents! Followed by drunk driving. The way the police in every state are cracking down on speeders is only because insurance companies who have lobbied to make it mandatory requirement by all drivers, have realized to up their profits even greater they have to find a way to increase insurance premiums! A speeding ticket on your license will put 30% more in their account from yours! Thus a cop on every corner! It has nothing to do with safety and every thing to do with money! My city recently turned our Red Light Camera’s into speed traps. It’s all about the money!

    I am watching the erosion of our freedoms on a daily basis. Am I the only one worried where this road is leading us?

    Soon our Police will be wearing personal recording devices in full HD at a cost to the tax payers. My fellow citizens are watching new unprecedented laws being passed. With each new law we as a society are loosing our freedoms and our rights. I am telling you now when you give someone power to rule over you the only thing that will change is the need for that power to grow!

    My Government from the day I was born has told me that killing is wrong! Murder is wrong! You go to prison for murdering! The Ten Commandments deal with this very issue! Yet my Government has the audacity to recruit kids out of high school for the military. They use these kids to kill people in other countries!

    Afghanistan is about the lithium found within its boarders and nothing about the rights and freedoms of the individuals living there.

    Wake up Neo the matrix has you!!!!!

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