A suggestion for Republicans: Consider Gary Johnson

An open letter to Republicans - consider Gary Johnson

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The Washington Times

LOS ANGELES,November 1, 2012 ­  – So, you’re a Republican? That’s your team. You would like a  smaller less intrusive government that costs a lot less, right? Great! I’m with  you there.

Consider that a plumber’s job is to understand pipes and how water flows  through them. A politician’s job is to understand voting demographics and how to  flow with them to get elected. The recent strategy has been to stand for nothing  that could upset anyone.

Obama has come out with very broad slogans like Hope and Change and Forward.  Romney has decided to take a stand on both sides of every issue. No clear  principles to guide us means that we are a ship drifting aimlessly in stormy  waters.

Before we complain about the damage that results from that, we must first  acknowledge that we are the enablers.

What are we doing? Where are we going? Why are we putting on our clothes,  getting in our cars, and burning gas to get to a booth so we can pull the lever  for something we know is horrible? When our children find themselves crushed  under impossible debt trying to comprehend why they’re trapped in this ruined  failing system, we’ll need to raise our hands to explain that the cause was  us.

We voted for this misery. We fought for this misery. We never thought about  the future, we cared only about the present election cycle, again and again. Our  parents did it, so we thought it was ok to keep doing the same thing.

Let’s stop for a second and recognize where our behavior has brought us.  We’re now over $16 trillion in national debt, and that doesn’t include massive  unfunded liabilities that will multiply the national debt. It doesn’t include  state government debt or local government debt.

And then there’s the mountain of individual debt and corporate debt.

All unsustainable behavior has its day of reckoning. This debt isn’t free  forever. It’s not a gift. That principle of economic responsibility is starting  to become very important. Our business environment is heavily burdened with  crippling regulations. We would like it to thrive and succeed. Free market  principles are starting to become very important even as the TSA is groping all  of us and throwing away our mouthwash and shampoo when we travel.

The Drug War has allowed for egregious violations of our constitutional  rights by extreme intrusions on our property, confiscation of our property, and  imprisonment and death to millions of otherwise peaceful people. These massive  constitutional violations also come at an extreme financial cost to the  taxpayer.

The principle of Limited Government is starting to become very important.

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