Infowars Covers Puppet Election Live

As the nation votes for yet another cookie-cutter establishment presidential candidate on Tuesday, November 6, Alex Jones and the Infowars team will provide free live video stream coverage of the election from Austin, Texas.

While the corporate media will read from its standard script on election night, we will be offering commentary and analysis the establishment pundits avoid at all costs.

In addition to uncovering the political agenda of elite behind the two nearly politically indistinguishable candidates, Alex will feature a number of stellar guests who are at the top of their game and understand the globalist agenda never examined by a Mockingbird media.

Guests featured during Alex’s special coverage from 11 am – 2 pm (Central time) and from 5 pm – Midnight (Central time) include: Lew Rockwell, Nomi Prins, Wayne Madsen, Paul Craig Roberts and others to be announced.

Check this space on Monday for more information and expanded guest list.


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