Will your vote make a difference?


The last time federal spending was reduced from one year to the next was a half-century ago, during the Eisenhower administration.

Since then, it matters little which party is in office because both sides have increased spending. Each side also has a habit of meddling in foreign affairs, starting wars, borrowing without consideration, and both Democrats and Republicans support a limitless government and its intrusion in our lives.

Your vote may make you feel good about our form of government, but if history is any sort of guide, it will have little effect on the nation’s direction. The sad truth is that the entity that controls our nation’s fate really isn’t in the White House, Senate or House of Representatives.

Mayer Amschel Rothschild is credited with saying, “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the law.”

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  1. The illusion of democracy. Who among us has 650 million dollars to run a campaign to win what amounts to be a 2.5 million dollar job over four years? The rich have taken over our Government and to ensure there will be no revolution they feed the masses bullchit elections, that promise changes that never happen. Every four years we sheep wait patiently for these sweeping changes.

    We send our sons and daughters to foreign lands to die for corporate agenda’s. I have just read a nice report on the suicide rates basically world wide and how they are sky rocketing! Gave me the warm and fuzzies!

    There is a war and its between the haves and the havenots.
    We the havenots are not winning. We the havenots are so naive that most of us dont realize there is a war at all!
    These richmen are poisoning our drinking water our food and cancer rates are skyrocketing while their profits do the same. The haves even run campaigns against common sense laws like labeling GMO’s on all sources for human consumption!

    The haves have their fingers so far into the Government coffers there is barely anything left for the rest of us. I give you military spending compared to spending on education. USA is now 13th in education world wide. The USA is still number one economy but will loose this statistic within five years to China and will probably never get this back! They have many of us havenots so downtrodden the only feasible way out is by taking our own life.

    95% of the members of congress would not sign a paper declaring them to vote only within the parameters of the constitution! The single greatest piece of law written by freemen for all freemen the world over! That tells me traitors have taken over the Government.

    Marcus Tellius a roman spokesman said a country can survive its fools and even its ambitious but it can not surviver a traitor from within!

    I dont know where this road we are on is going but I am assured by reading my history it isnt going to end well for the havenots it never has! We all keep allowing this to happen. I try my best to talk to my fellowman but he is tired of hearing my rants!

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