Drudge Report Surpasses 1 Billion Page Views (That’s Billion With A ‘B’)


The Drudge Report, the pioneering muck-raking blog published by Matt Drudge, has hit an important Internet publishing milestone: surpassing 1 billion monthly page views, according to Intermarkets Inc., which represents ad sales for the Drudge Report.

“With only seven weeks before the 2012 Presidential Elections, the Drudge Report is a much sought-after online resource for readers interested in unbiased news. Political campaigns, issue advocacies, and advertising agencies are particularly interested in reaching Drudge Report readers,” stated Intermarkets COO Will Trommelen. “Election Day 2008 proved to be one of the biggest one-day draws for visitors to the Drudge Report. We’re preparing for a similar record-breaking event on November 6, 2012.

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