If Israel Prepares for Attack, Iran Will Strike Preemptively


One Response

  1. …”I agree! “Iran, must launch everything it has against “Israel, who is out to destroy Iran, he who hesitates is lost, and he who prepares, is ready!

    …”Israel has been spoiling/asking for a fight all along, as “Nutanyahu threatens a country who has not attacked it, but will if the threats continue!

    …”I am disgusted with Israel, as well as the world, they have not only used U.S. they have ruined U.S.

    …””That’s why Iran has to be ready, not only to defend itself against an Israeli attack, but it has to, “WIPE ISRAEL OUT” in order to secure not only “PEACE” in the Middle East but “PEACE” for Iran as well!

    …”I promise you/Iran, Israel planning on attacking you, has been saying so for weeks, ” It’s best you hit Israel’s fuel depots first, then it’s air bases second, and get all the help you can from your friends, Russia and China, get them on board Iran, and have them make it clear to U.S. and others, that they will help Iran, then Israel will shit it’s pants, and we will be forced to let them….lol….

    …”I’d launch first, that way Iran, you are at “FULL STRENGTH” plus you need to scatter your missiles so they can’t all be knocked out in the event of an Israeli launch, and you need to contact Jordan, and ask them to let you know the very secord Israeli Air Force enter’s it’s air space, so you can launch everything you have, at Israel!

    …”If Israel want “WAR” give it to them!

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