Breivik Gets 21 Years for Killing 77 in Norway

Mikael Holter, Josiane Kremer and Kristin Myers

Anders Behring Breivik, who spent 10 weeks in court defending his massacre of 77 people last year, will serve 21 years in jail after both killer and prosecution said they won’t appeal a ruling which found him to be sane.

Breivik, who smiled as Judge Wenche Arntzen read out the verdict, was sentenced to a 21-year jail term and must serve a minimum of 10 years. All five judges, two professional and three lay, agreed on the verdict, Arntzen said.

“It’s a big relief for me and my clients,” Cathrine Groendahl, a lawyer at Hestenes & Dramer representing survivors of the shooting, said in an interview after the verdict was read. “The judges said that it’s about the victims, and they wanted to point at the victims, to look at them and see how they have suffered – to make the case about them. We are all relieved.”

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One Response

  1. WOW! 21 years for a coward who killed 77 unarmed children? WTF is wrong with the world? This piece of chit needed to be shot or hung. This court failed to arrange the meeting between this coward and God! I would have preferred a good ole hung drawn and quartered. I would even pay for the ceremony and conduct it.

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