Punk Band Given Two Years Over Anti-Kremlin Protest


Richard Boudreaux and Alexander Kolyandr
Wall Street Journal

Three members of a once-unheralded feminist group—whose anti-Kremlin protest inside Russia’s main Orthodox cathedral led to one of the most politically charged trials of the country’s post-Soviet era—were convicted of hooliganism Friday and sentenced to two years in prison.

The diminutive provocateurs, in handcuffs, stood in a glass-enclosed pen in a Moscow courtroom as Judge Marina Syrova announced her decision, ratifying what critics of President Vladimir Putin call a growing crackdown on dissent.

The judge said the three young women, members of the Pussy Riot performance-art collective, committed “a grave violation of public order, showing obvious disrespect for society” by performing a “punk prayer” near the cathedral’s altar on Feb. 21.

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One Response

  1. Does this remind you of Ademos sentence?
    On a different bent…

    Fuck the God damn criminal FBI that have committed so many crimes that i can not list them all. If we do not fight the republic is dead.

    Fuck the people that murdered Vicky Weaver, Gordon Kahl, and Jesse Trentadue. (goggle them all) Do not let these bastards chilll your free speech and if they come to your door do not talk to them. If we do not resist the republic is dead.

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