Police Plant Spotted Attempting To Incite A Riot At Anaheim Protests


Taken from my Facebook page…alleged undercover is at right, flashing ugly tattoo

Gustavo Arellano
OC Weekly

ORIGINAL POST, JULY 27, 10:26 A.M.: Facebook is currently abuzz with members of Kelly’s Army who were at the Anaheim protest on Tuesday alleging that they caught a police plant.

According to onlookers, a blonde woman was shouting pro-police slogans in front of City Hall, at one point flashing her wrist and showing off a tattoo that seemed to be a badge number. But an hour later, they claim the same woman was seen yelling anti-police slogans and throwing water bottles at the police.

Witnesses tell the Weekly she was parading in front of the police line outside of City Hall, saying “These are good cops. You don’t know the hard work they do. They’re getting rid of gangsters.”

Afterward, though, onlookers claim she began throwing bottles later that night. Multiple people saw her, and there’s apparently video of the same woman playing the part of anarchist.

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5 Responses

  1. There need to be serious criminal prosecutions for agent provocateurs.But alas the whole criminal justice system is broken, and we are getting dangerously close to having no options other than the cartridge box to make the needed corrections with.

    “Those who make peaceful protest impossible, make violent protest inevitable” — John F. Kennedy

  2. How is this a ‘plant?’ When I think of a plant, the subterfuge type, I think ‘secretively’ and ‘to make the other side look bad.’ First, this lady doesn’t seem to be doing anything secretively: unless screaming in front a bunch of cameras is considered ‘secretive.’ Second, having a badgenumber tatted on your wrist sort of makes it hard to tie to the protesters. If a riot did start, she seems like the sort of person that would take credit for it.

    • Trying to get the police to attack a group of peaceful people is OK with you? Are you a cop or are you just slow?

      • If one person gets in a fight with another person… The cops are just going to start hitting everyone?

        “Uh, so, those two are fighting… I’m going to hit this guy in the head and this other girl in the stomach. Ah-hah!”

        Seriously, there’s always at least one counter-demonstrator at every demonstration. I’ve been to dozens and dozens of protests. I’ve seen people express and shout and you know what the common thread was? They weren’t simply ‘plants’ they were (*gasp*) people with principles.

  3. Yes AnotherClioBeliever that’s EXACTLY how the government agent provacaturing worked at the Seattle G20, and other places where it has been filmed and documented. This did not sound like what you call a counter-demonstrator.

    Perhaps you could be right in this instance, but I would rather be super vigalent now that we have seen this tactic used numerous times.

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