Huffington Post Urges America Pay a Carbon Tax to Fight Climate Change

Andrew Puhanic, Contributor
Activist Post

The main stream media and the Globalists in the United States have finally begun to show their true colours. In an article written by Carl Pope published in the Huffington Post titled ‘Why It’s Time to Tax Carbon Pollution’, it has been argued that the United States should follow the lead set by Australia and introduce a carbon tax as part of tax reform and the climate change movement.

The author, Carl Pope, claims that ‘carbon taxes fit conservative tax theory’ and that it would be an ‘important symbol’ for believers of climate change and global warming. He then goes on to claim that a carbon tax would ‘put in place one important piece of an eventual, global, harmonized carbon fee’ (setting the stage for world government).

Many of the claims made by Pope are misleading and outright dishonest…

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  1. These people must have a death wish. They are certifiably mentally ill beyond any doubt.

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