Michael Moore Pleads For Gun Control After The Colorado Theater Shooting: ‘I’m Sick Of This’

Brett LoGuirato
Business Insider

More than a decade after he released his documentary “Bowling For Columbine,” about another tragic Colorado massacre, filmmaker Michael Moore says he is “sick” of having to keep addressing the issue of gun control.

In an interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan last night, Moore pleaded for more restrictive measures on gun ownership in the wake of the horrific massacre in an Aurora, Colorado, movie theater last week

“If people would just rise up and say ‘Damn it, this is not the America I’m going to live in. This is too great of a country to let this happen again. I am not going to let this happen again,’” Moore said.

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14 Responses

  1. And I’m sick of you – you commie fat ass.
    Damn right you NWO asset – it’s not going to happen in my neck of the woods because we are going to stay armed.

    You give up your armed body guards if you want but stay the hell away from my God given rights.

  2. while the nra touts the 2nd amendment what happened to the rest of the Constitution for all of US & OUR CIVIL RIGHTS that are supposed to protect all of us & not just gun owners?

    • It is amazing to me how clueless American citizens are . And make no mistake about it this is why the country is in such trouble.

      1.) There is no such thing as a civil right unless you are dumb enough to claim to be a 14th amendment citizen, and then all of your “permissions” come from your daddy the government.

      2.) The Constitution is not a document that “protects us” per se. It just spells out the limited powers that the sovereign states permit the federal government to exercise.

      Irene what protects “us” in the end is that I am armed and will stay armed.

      3.) How does prohibiting the federal government from infringing on the right of self defense of ALL Americans translate to not protecting your rights?

      I submit you could not find a right with both hands and a flashlight. I bet that you think a right is a right to other peoples money for such things as health care, or sending your kids to school, or even feeding them. Or whatever else the majority decides in your fictional “democracy”.



      • DON’T confuse the issue with bringing in others NOT related.
        Lets just hope you have weapon big enough against the red headed fool like the one in CO. who got his cache with no background checks and yes I have a right not to be used as a fool’s target AND I shouldn’t have to carry a cache to protect myself from crackpots who hide behind the 2nd amendment only to claim the right to bear their own little armada! Guns kill people with the idiots who pull their 100 round gun trigger! Your so called 2nd amendment rights DON’T give idiots the right to shoot folks either. The 2nd mendment has been greatly abused for fools who insist on buying guns other than self protection or hunting for food!

      • Thank you Irene – you thoroughly demonstrated my assertion that you don’t have a clue as to what a right is. And it’s shameful there are Americans like you that claim to have received an education, and yet speak such gibberish. Perhaps it is because it was a government education.

        If you don’t think you have a responsibility to defend the lives of yourself and your loved ones. Then I will shed no tears for you when someone tries to rape or rob you. I am sure the police will be there just in the nick of time to save you. They always are right?

        Look at how safe the disarmed cities of LA, NY, and Chicago are. The police ALWAYS are there to stop the assault of the unarmed citizens. We should turn every city in to a Chicago as you suggest.

        Now seriously Irene and pay attention…. the same number of people that were killed in that theater are murdered EVERY WEEK because they are disarmed. I doubt if you can comprehend facts and logic but I have done my best.

      • the cities are safe all right with gun minded people like the cops & the citizens/people getting shot up, YOU obviously don’t educate yourself. AS far as taking care myself, I already have & without a gun(s) or an cache. I didn’t make your point, you chose to ignore it. The same number of idiots are getting larger, those that decide to shoot on unarmed citizens. Or this the crazy OK corral. But even at that, who of the those victims got to live & talk about it? Casualty Gun victims don’t get to talk about it or if they are maimed, ther’d [[refer NOT to get shot at all. You think by having more guns, this will be a safer place. HMM….. maybe you can talk to the dead or you should talk with those who were shot with horrid injuries. It sounds like you you are protecting crackpots vs unarmed citizens. How many more victims in that theater if all had a gun? Most of them, if not all. Now that’s totally mornonic!

  3. Sorry Irene I am not going to make my head hurt by trying to decipher the illogical jumble of thoughts that you posed above.

    Your post makes a great case for the need to abolish government schools. Any 5th grade home schooled child could do a much better job of logical expression.

    Have a nice day.

    • really, govt school how do you know what school I went to, you making generic assumptions gives me great insight as to what kind of school you went to!. GO TALK TO THE VICTIMS, THE 59 OF THEM & SEE IF YOU CAN LOGICALLY EXPLAIN TO THEM THAT THE REDHEAD CRACKPOT HAD EVERY RIGHT TO HAVE HIS WEAPONRY OR TALK TO THE ONES WHO LOST A FAMILY MEMBER! I DARE YOU! It’s guys you who don’t hurl courage other than behind a gun!

  4. Sorry Irene I am done addressing stupidity.

  5. I know we live in scary times. Take this orange headed fool and execute him within 30 days. Forget the psychiatrists and all the bullchit and publicly execute him like the coward deserves. This will be a strong public message to anyone who wants to gain this kind of over night fame.

    Now for those of you who want to abolish the 2nd amendment. I live in Canada. I don’t own a hand gun, the restrictions on this type of weapon are crazy. However the criminals in my city have more handguns and machine type pistols then you can shake a stick at. I have no protection in my home against any type of home invasion against any criminal who has me severely out gunned. All I can do is call 911. Probably after I have been shot and killed.

    I will also advise any of you to learn your history. Britain took away their citizens rights to a fire arm in 1908. Well they had a registry in 1905 then confiscated the firearms in 1908 just before they passed legislation for the coal act. Britain killed 18 000 of its own people who rose up against this unjust law with picks and shovels against a heavily armed British Military.

    I advise you Americans to reread your Constitution and to vote using its wisdom. It is the single most important document ever written to free men the world over. If I had the power every nation would adhere to this document!

    Why is the NSA buying 450 million rounds of hollow point ammunition? The Geneva Convention bans the use of this type of ammunition in the case of war. Why is your Government buying so much of this type of ammo?

    • I don’t believe in abolishing the 2nd amendment at all. BUT, I don’t believe either that, one should have a weapon that can discharge 100 rounds of ammo like the red headed foo knock citizens at such a rapid pace, where the people cannot protect themselves..at least by running or hiding or tackling the crazy red head killer!
      If you know something about the NSA, please share the info.

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