The Knights Templar And The Origins Of Friday The 13th


Cue the spooky music: It’s Friday the 13th in Murrieta but where did that superstition about its being an unlucky day begin?

Today is the final of three days this year when the 13th will fall on a Friday (It also happened in January and April). In any given year, it can happen as often as three times or as little as once. While we are certainly having freaky weather with a July rainstorm to wash in this Friday the 13th, is the day truly an unlucky one?

Supposedly a day of bad luck, leeriness of Friday the 13th transcends cultures and eras.

According to historians the date got its nefarious name because it was a Friday the 13th when King Philip IV of France — deeply in debt to the early order of bankers — rounded up all theKnights Templar he could find, tortured and burned them for alleged crimes against the church and nature.

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