Some Monte Rio neighbors fed up with Bohemian Grove protesters


There’s high anxiety under the redwoods in Monte Rio as more than 2,000 wealthy men begin arriving today for their annual retreat — to be greeted by an unknown number of people protesting their presence along the tranquil Russian River. But it’s not the plutocrats and power brokers of the Bohemian Club who have Monte Rio residents and merchants on edge. It’s the demonstrators, who haven’t always been polite, or good for business.

“There have been some really nice people, and some jerks,” said Suzi Schaffert, who has run the Rio Theater since 1993. “I don’t know what we’re in for this year.”

Tia Resleure, an artist and dog dental hygienist who lives close by the Bohemian Grove gates, questioned the whole idea of protesting corporate power in an economically depressed village.

“It doesn’t do any good for the community, and I don’t think it does anything for their cause, either,” said Resleure, who moved two years ago from San Francisco’s North Beach to a modest house beneath towering redwoods. Demonstrations belong in front of a major bank or the Bohemian Club in San Francisco “where you’ll get more attention,” she said.

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  1. Everybody is entitled to their opinion Tia. I now know yours….

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