Emmy Award Winner Debuts New Song Telling Obama to ‘Get Out’

Morgan Chalfant
Red Alert Politics

Ryan Bomberger of SoOutLoud.com is out with Get Out, a catchy pop tune that skewers Barack Obama for his “slick marketing” and for being “fast and furious with all the lies,” referring to the “Fast and Furious” scandal. Bomberger suggests that people were tricked by Obama’s “slick marketing.” He sings, “the slick marketing, a logo that promised everything, but hope and change meant you hoped to change my constitutional liberty.”

He sings repeatedly amid copious images of the Obama-campaign symbol: “You gotta get out, you need to get out. BHO’s gotta go don’t you know. Yes we can kick him out.”

The chorus is featured three times in less than two minutes and finds every way possible to tell Obama to “get out.” Bomberger urges his listeners, “Don’t you know, yes we can, vote him out.” The song also mocks Obama for backing the redefinition of marriage and for making “sure that religious liberty doesn’t mean a thing.” He blames Obama for “spend[ing] billions to make a worse economy” and forcing Americans to choose “prison or your Obamacare policy.”

Also, Bomberger admits in the song that he is biracial like Obama and then adds, “racial profiling is okay if it’s a vote for you.” The catchy tune should strike a chord with young voters my engaging them on their level.


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