Maurice Strong Lauds Chinese Model At 2012 Earth Summit

Jurriaan Maessen

At a side-event to the recent Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Certified man-hater, prominent 20th century eugenicist and devoted collectivist Maurice Strong told an audience of environmentalists that China is the model-state for the rest of the world to emulate in regards to environmental matters.

Besides Strong, the forum was attended by Mohan Monasinghe, former Executive Director of the UN Environment Programme and Secretary General at the 1992 Rio Earth Summit. The moderator to this facade was Hans d’Orville, ex-Vice Chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, as well as Under Secretary of UNESCO. The meeting took place under the umbrella name “Importance of Informal Mechanism Beyond Rio—A Commitment From China’s Civil Society” and focused in on the importance of China in regards to the world’s future environmental governance.

“What China does matters to the world”, Strong said, “and what China is doing is actually a tremendous source of encouragement.”

No doubt Strong referred to China’s one child policy and the way it has reportedly contributed to the nation’s progress, despite the terrible sacrifices that have been- and are being- demanded of the Chinese people. Strong went on to say that “sustainable development” has become a “people’s movement guided by the people’s government.”

Strong, himself a Chinese national, is a long-time advocate of the sort of draconian population policis that China has forced upon its people. As far back as the early 1970s, Strong hesitatingly admitted to the BBC that such a thing as a license to have a child is the kind of system he would see implemented globally:

What is important to note, is Strong’s position that such a policy should not be the affair of nation-states- but rather a top-down global endeavor. In a 2009 interview, Strong talks about the Copenhagen conference. In the interview Strong stated- among other things- that “What is necessary is a global system of governance through which the nations of the world cooperate to address issues which none can deal with alone.”

In a spectacular example of doublethink, Strong proves himself a master-conjurer: after stating that “Global government is neither necessary nor practical” he actually says: “(…) the role of global government would be to provide the framework of principles and contexts required to facilitate actions which can be best taken at the local, national or regional levels.”
Here is the fragment in full:

Fred Dubee & Marisha Wojciechowska-Shibuya: Can the international community and our governments really meet the challenge?

Maurice Strong: The climate change and economic crisis require a degree of international cooperation that has only been achieved on a limited basis in wartime and never on the global scale.

A little further on he says: Global government is neither necessary nor practical.

And then: What is necessary is a global system of governance through which the nations of the world cooperate to address issues which none can deal with alone.

Strong adds: Highest priority must be given to those issues which affect the security, sustainability and survival of all humanity.

Concluding: This is certainly true of both climate change and the related needs for fundamental changes in our current economic system. I believe in the principle of subsidiary that all actions should be dealt with at the levels closest to the people concerned. On this basis, the role of global government would be to provide the framework of principles and context required to facilitate actions which can be best taken at the local, national or regional levels.

Global government. First it’s “neither necessary nor practical”, and then it provides “the framework of principles and context”. Now it’s here, now it’s gone.

Although Strong is apparently still hiding out in China, he is being interviewed regularly on matters of “global governance”. It seems his words are still being listened to by his former employer. During a preparatory meeting in Switzerland back in July of 2009, Strong also advocated “radical things” to be undertaken by all participating nations as a precondition to make Copenhagen a success for the global elite.

“Copenhagen”, Strong said, “is very very important. I have to say that so far we have not seen real evidence that the governments are prepared to do radical things that they must to in Copenhagen. If we just patch up the existing system, it will not work. It will come back and bite us even more strongly.”

What radical things must governments be prepared to do according to Maurice Strong?

“The climate change issue and the economic issue come from the same roots. And that is the gross inequity and the inadequacy of our economic model. We now know that we have to change that model. We cannot do all of this in one stroke. But we have to design a process that would produce agreement at a much more radical level.”

How convenient then, that the economic recession occurred not long before. A financial crisis coupled to a fabricated environmental one are key ingredients for the world government as envisioned by Strong and company. What’s absolutely key is the concept of incrementalism- a gradual process as opposed to a sudden one.

“Hopefully”, Strong said, “Copenhagen will move us forward. I think it is too much to expect that the conference will produce the kind of agreements necessary. But the conference can produce some important agreements that it can provide the foundation for a continuing process.”

Although many useful idiots that flew around the Rio 2012 summit like moths to a flame are calling for “Climate Action Now!”, the people inside understand that their desired global government is a step by step process, aiming to incrementally implement their age-old plan for world domination, China-style.

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