Is a Human ‘population bomb’ Ticking?

Robert Kennedy

Action is urgently needed to limit population growth – and rich nations must curtail gluttonous consumption – or else humanity faces a terrifying future, scientists have warned.

The warning goes against what many governments and academics have espoused for centuries in the industrialised world. Yet more than 100 scientific academies around the globe have broken the taboo, saying if birthrates and overconsumption continue unabated, large-scale famine, drought, disease and war lie ahead.

Scientists say proposals at the Rio+20 Earth Summit on sustainable development barely mention the twin solutions of population and consumption control, which would ease pressure on fast-diminishing resources.

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2 Responses

  1. Limit the population in over populated countries that cannot take care of themselves. If a nation cannot subsist on its own, then it should cease to exist. Survival of the fittest, that is the way nature works.

    Sustainable is good, but not for everybody.

    Censorship is evil.

  2. This is a very touchy subject. I think the rich are pounding this drum a little too hard. They are beginning to realize they no longer require six billion essential workers. Two billion would be sufficient enough to serve them just fine! Two billion is way easier to control. Lets face it there is no army on earth they can buy that could stop the seven billion of us from demanding a bigger piece of the pie! Over sixty five percent of the seven billion poor people live in slums. We in the west have no right to pass judgement on those who live in third world nations. Most of these people live in Dictatorships and have no chance for change against the corruption that exists. The UN is a bullchit organization that protects the rich agenda over the rights of human beings. (Oil for food Iraq.) This organization is suppose to protect weaker nations from stronger nations. WTF was Rwanda? Why did the UN not stop Iraq? Why did it not aid Libya?

    I think we in the west need to start looking in the mirror and how all of us are perpetuating the problem. Nike, Old Navy. Apple all these rich fortune five hundred companies have enslaved poor people in third world nations. We the sheep flock to their stores and continue to buy their illgotten gains! We now have a man running for president in this next election who became rich by destroying american built industry. He was given the fancy title Venture Capitalist. He is personally responsible for killing the american dream for a lot of people. Yet he is rich and so we all celebrate his wonderfulness!

    Why do we all think that because someone is rich they are great! Then again why does it take 650 million to buy a presidential election. Obama 2008.

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