Is America Embracing the 10 Tenets of the Communist Manifesto?

The New American

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, the purported founders of communism, established in the 19th century a government paradigm that transformed Europe and other regions in the eastern hemisphere, adding to an already expansive repertoire of political ideologies. And the seemingly farfetched assertion that communism could someday take control of America seems, quite simply, unfathomable. But is it really that improbable, or furthermore, has it already ensnared certain sectors of society?

Writing for The Blaze, Tiffany Gabbay recently produced a thoughtful exposé entitled “Are We Headed Toward the Constitution or the Communist Manifesto?” that breaks down the 10 tenets of Marx and Engels’ infamous 1848 publication and describes how those 10 steps or “planks” to establish communism are slowly being woven into American society. In prefacing her piece, which was published on Saturday, Gabbay quotes the British philosopher Anthony Flew, who exploited Marx’s blatant disregard for the truth:

… the first and only volume of Das Kapital to be published in the lifetime of Marx was, in his own words, to demonstrate that “In proportion as capital accumulates, the lot of the labourer must grow worse. Accumulation of wealth at one pole is at the same time accumulation of misery, agony of toil, slavery, ignorance, brutality, mental degradation at the opposite pole.” But by 1867, when that volume was first published, Marx had known for 15 or more years that this thesis was false.

In describing how the Communist Manifesto’‘s key tenets stack up against the U.S. Constitution, and society as a whole, Gabbay’s argument should provoke alarm, as the republic founded centuries ago, which was built on the concept of freedom and justice, has been tainted with characteristics of an illegal and despotic political structure.

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2 Responses

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    you can either die a hero or live long enough to see your self become the villain.(to reference a recent popular movie)

  2. Whatever is being embraced is anti-american. That is obvious in the negligence of American principles to its own people. Legislators are at a fault because they are only interested in themselves & not the interests of the American people otherwise the legislators would not allow the off shoring of OUR jobs..for starters & not back up Wall st. without regulations on banking, healthcare, realty which are now all criminally intertwined & the biggest theft of our money(pensions) while knocking us off in filthy hospitals & clinics & with the ever increasing premium care costs. Americans don’t stand a chance with legislators giving away the AMERICAN STORE!

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