Obama Lawyer Admits Birth Certificate Is A Forgery

The Right Perspective

A lawyer representing U.S. President Barack Obama has admitted the long-form birth certificate presented by the White House last year is a forgery – but that does not disqualify him from appearing on the ballot this November.

Defense attorney Alexandra M. Hill made the comments during a recent New Jersey ballot challenge hearing, brought about by Tea Party members who question his eligibility to appear on the state’s presidential primary ballot. Attorney for the plaintiffs, Mario Apuzzo, argued that President Obama has furnished proof of his “natural born” citizenship status to the state of New Jersey.

Apuzzo went on to say that Obama’s father was not an American citizen, meaning President Obama is not a “natural born” citizen and ineligible for the office he holds.

Hill tried to dismiss the suit because, while the U.S. Constitution limits the office of president to only those who have a “natural born” citizenship status, New Jersey law does not require a candidate to furnish proof of his or her status.

According to the Tea Party Tribune, Hill went on to admit that the long form birth certificate released online by the White House in April 2011 is indeed a forgery that did not originate from an actual paper document and therefore, it cannot be used as evidence to confirm his lack of natural born citizenship status.

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6 Responses

  1. Obama’s lawyer never said any such thing.

    This is a birther reporter’s made-up claim. A search of the transcript and a full view of the video shows that she never uses the words “forgery” or “forged”—or anything like them. This is actually very bad for the birther cause. People will realize that if they make up quotations the are capable of lying about anything.

  2. Just another birther lie – will birthers ever stop telling lies?

    • You’d better sit down—I don’t want to shock you—-but the Birthers are right. Maybe you have fallen for the rhetoric and ridicule thrown out there by Progressives. I hope you’ll wise up, ’cause our country needs more good men.

  3. Hmmm, so if the certificate presented to the American wasn’t authentic, that doesn’t mean it was forged? GEEEZ! ”
    From the judge’s decision: “…it is undisputed that Mr. Obama has not presented the Secretary of State with any form of birth certificate in connection with the nominating petitions, and his counsel in this hearing agreed that she was offering no such document. As such, while the petitioners have noted in their brief their beliefs as to the possibly illicit nature of the long-form birth certificate released to the public via the internet, counsel for the petitioners agreed that here the relevant objection is not to the validity of the document, for it is not before the Secretary. The objection is instead that in regard to the need to prove qualification for the Presidency, and that Obama is“natural-born”, the failure to produce any proof is itself fatal to his nomination.”

  4. Obama’s lawyer pointed out that the birth certificate is not required to be listed on the ballot for president in New Jersey. That happens to be true and the law. Since you do not have to show a birth certificate at all, the issue opf whether or not it is forged is a waste of the court’s time. None of the Republican candidates for president has shown his birth certicate in New Jersey either, nor did McCain in the last election, nor did Bush or Kerry in the election before that. So the “failure to produce any proof is fatal”–is simply your DREAM.

    It would be fatal IF there were a law requiring the birth certificate to be showed. But there is no such law. If you would like New Jersey and other states to have such a law, you have the right to petition Governor Christy and the legislature. But currently there is no such law.

    Getting back to the claim that Obama’s lawyer admitted that the birth certificate was forged. No she did not. That was made up by a birther “reporter.”

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