Study: Moringa Proven To Lower Cholesterol, While Statins Taken By 1 In 4 Americans Over 45 Are Shown To Cause Cancer, Diabetes And Other Problems.

Editors Note: Zija Mornga support a healthy cardiovascular system. In fact, recent studies in animals investigating the positive cardiovascular attributes of Moringa produced impressive results. One study, which compared Moringa to a widely used class of cholesterol – and lipid-lowering drug called statins, found Moringa to be comparable to statins in suppressing the initiation and propagation of lipid peroxidation and suppression of atherosclerosis formation. Another study also found Moringa to have hypolipidaemic effect and lower cholesterol. You can get the highest quality Moringa from our sponsor Zija here.

Dr. Mercola

This recent meta-analysis of five different drug trials adds further credence to suspicions that statins may be contributing to the current epidemic of adult-onset diabetes. Statins, as most of you probably know, are the most popular cholesterol-lowering drugs available today.

They’re primarily thought of as “preventive medicine” to reduce your risk of heart disease. Many doctors also prescribe them if you have elevated C reactive protein (an indication that you have chronic inflammation in your body), and they’re even promoted for kids as young as eight years old!

The fact that statin drugs cause side effects is well established—there are some 900 studies proving their adverse effects, which run the gamut from muscle problems to increased cancer risk. But as we’re now starting to discover, statins may also cause diabetes…

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2 Responses

  1. Include alzheimers/dementia, liver & harsh body aches.
    Try fish oil & red yeast rice, all that is natural & learn to walk, & relax . quit supporting drug company CEO’s & investment holders by buying & buying into questionable medications, do more harm than good. The American people are on more meds than ever before & helping us become sicker along with other ways. BIO LABS, SUUPERFUND.BROWNFILED SITES ALL APPROVED BY GOVT OFFICIALS. WHO’S ON YOUR SIDE. AN YOU PAY FOR IT TOO! iN MORE WAYS THAN ONE!

  2. who in the government is on your side by allowing the many ways to poison you & then Rx bad drugs to do more harm?
    Take control of your own life. Find out if your Dr is tied to the meds and that ought to be your first clue. IT’S ALWAYS JUST ABOUT THE money, money, money. There are many ways o steal & many ways to kill! ALL FOR MONEY SO THE RICHER GET RICHER & THE POOR JUST GET SICK & DIE!

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