China Mirage City: Hologram, Project Blue Beam?

‘Optical Illusion’ City seen by residents of Huanshan City, June 16, 2008


Since the news report and video out of China’s Huangshan City of an ‘optical illusion’ or ‘superior mirage’ is so amazing – the spectacular city skyline with mountains that appeared in the middle of the Tunxi section of the Xin’an River – we decided to revisit the story plus re-post the video.

Included in our latest post, a link to an article about holograms and Project Blue Beam plus one of the videos in the article, an amazing video on hologram technology.

Photo: Mystery China Mirage City seen by residents of Huangshan City, June 16, 2011

The Details:

The ‘mirage’ city skyline and mountains appeared at approximately 5 PM, local time on Thursday after a heavy rain.

In May of 2005, another spectacular ‘mirage’ city seen by thousands of residents that appeared after a heavy rain off the shore of Penglai City in eastern China’s Shandong Province. During the four hour appearance thousands of residents in Penglai City saw not only a city, the residents witnessed ‘bustling cars as well as crowds of people all clearly visible’.

An interesting article on Penglai City and it’s history of ‘mirages’, Penglai, Land of Fairy Tales.

Superior Mirages

Over at the U.K.’s Weather Online website, the explanation of mirages and optical illusions. Based on their explanation, the mysterious mirage cities seen in China are ‘superior mirages.’


A famous superior mirage is the Fata Morgana , most frequently seen in the Strait of Messina between Italy and Sicily. However, Fata Morgana’s are also frequent in deserts, after night time radiation has cooled down the sand to temperatures lower than the air above. Distant objects appear extremely elongated, giving the impression of buildings and towns in the distance. This phenomenon is also known as ‘castles in the air’.

Our observation:

When do ‘impressions’ contain ‘cars’ and ‘people’?

Do these mirage cities have real-life counterparts?

Are the Chinese city optical illusions related to holograms and Project Blue Beam?

Link to the highly informative article on holograms and Project Blue Beam,Holograms in the Sky Caused by Project Blue Beam.

Amazing video of hologram technology:

On April 25, 2011 we posted Bizarre Sky Phenomena in Ivory Coast Frightens Residents – Video.

[Photo: Ivory Coast ‘Virgin Mary’ Apparition]

The ‘Virgin Mary’ apparition witnessed by hundreds of hysterical residents of the Ivory Coast city of Abidjan on the same day ‘heavy gunfire’ erupted in the city, April 20, 2011. A mass sighting of an ‘apparition’ seen in the sky linked to military violence, one of the conspiracy theories related to Project Blue Beam, a ‘religious’ figure seen in the sky causing a ‘hysterical’ reaction from the local populace.

ABIDJAN, April 20, 2011 (AFP) – Heavy gunfire erupted in a district of Abidjan Wednesday as Ivory Coast’s new government forces tried to dislodge militia loyal to deposed president Laurent Gbagbo, residents said.

Die-hard pro-Gbagbo militia are still operating in sectors of Abidjan’s north-western Yopougon district, where residents said insecurity is high and were forced to flee to safer neighbourhoods.

“Since 4:00 am we have been hearing heavy firing and loud explosions. We were forced to flee the neighbourhood very early,” a Yopougon resident told AFP.
“An FRCI soldier told us that they had come to dislodge pro-Gbagbo’s Liberian militia who are still hiding in Yopougon,” said another resident, using the acronym for new President Alassane Ouattara’s forces.

The sound of heavy fire reverberated over the vast metropolis, where the new administration is trying to re-establish security following heavy fighting earlier this month to oust Gbagbo.

In 2008 during the Beijing Olympics the world was fooled by ‘fake’ fireworks’ which weren’t holograms, the fireworks fakery, ‘computer graphics, meticulously created over a period of months and inserted into the coverage electronically at exactly the right moment.’

[Photo: China’s Two Suns, March, 2011]

In early March the video of ‘two suns’ in China which was explained by scientists as an ‘optical illusion’, ‘a very rare mirage caused by suspended ice particles, or a camera lens defect…or photoshop.’

Over at Mother Nature Networks, scientists weren’t so sure the two suns had been explained.

Mars Base Video: Comparative Cosmic Ray Images Missing From MSM Debunking Reports

Unexplained Creepy, Bizarre, Strange Noises in the Sky Video


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  1. great site lookin gfor these holographs – somethings up – this is same technology seen in desert storm, reported buildings came up and soliders ran behind them. thanks. borgetta

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