Libya, Yemen, Bahrain: Protests continue to erupt across region

Meris Lutz
The Los Angeles Times

Reports of clashes Tuesday night between protesters and police in eastern Libya were the latest spasm of unrest sweeping the Middle East and North Africa as leaders attempt to avoid the revolutionary fervor that brought down governments in Tunisia and Egypt. The Libyan city of Benghazi was reportedly the site of clashes between protesters and police after the arrest of Fathi Terbil, spokesman and lawyer for the families of those killed in the so-called Abu Salim massacre. More than 1,000 prisoners are thought to have died in that incident in Libya’s Abu Salim prison in 1996.

The above footage was posted on YouTube by a user calling himself or herself “enoughgaddafi.” It claims to show Tuesday’s protest, although that could not be verified. Conflicting reports also emerged as to whether Terbil had been released.

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