Jim Tucker: Bilderbergers Green Light Attack On Iran

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com

Bilderberg Agenda Revealed: Globalists In Crisis, Supportive Of Attack On Iran 050610top

The 2010 Bilderberg agenda has been revealed by veteran Bilderberg sleuth Jim Tucker and it paints a picture of crisis for the globalists, who are furious at the increased exposure their gatherings have received in recent years, as well as being dismayed at their failure to rescue both the euro and the failing carbon tax agenda, but more alarmingly according to Tucker, the majority of Bilderberg members are now in favor of military air strikes on Iran.

American Free Press muckraker Tucker has proven routinely accurate with the information he obtains from sources inside Bilderberg, which makes this year’s revelations all the more intriguing.

According to Tucker, Bilderberg luminaries are dismayed at the fact that “many important people” are not attending this year because, due to increasing exposure, invitees are “getting in trouble at home” and constituents are embarrassing them by asking irate questions such as “what are you doing with these monsters?”

“All these people are exposing us, we get all this mail and calls,” Tucker paraphrased Bilderberg members as complaining.

This dovetails with the revelations overheard by Guardian journalist Charlie Skelton at the Hotel Dolce Sitges before the meeting began when he heard conference organizers lamenting the fact that protest numbers are growing at Bilderberg events each year and that they represent a “threat” to Bilderberg’s agenda.

In addition, prominent Bilderberg Zbigniew Brzezinski, the man who warned recently that a “global political awakening” was threatening to derail the move towards global government, was expected to be in attendance at this year’s meeting.

Tucker named his source as an international financial consultant who personally knows Bilderberg members and has done business with them for the past 20 years.

Turning to Iran, Tucker said that many Bilderberg members, including Brzezinski, were in favor of U.S. air strikes on Iran and were “leaning towards war,” although 100 per cent of members were not supportive of an attack.

“Some of them in Europe are saying no we shouldn’t do it but most of them are in favor of American air strikes on Iran,” said Tucker, adding, “They’re tilting heavily towards green lighting a U.S. attack on Iran.”

An attack on Iran would provide a welcome distraction to the globalists’ failings in other areas and would also allow them to war profiteer, pointed out Tucker.

On the subject of the euro, Tucker said that the Bilderberg elitists were determined to save the single currency even as it collapsed to a new 4-year-low at $1.19 against the dollar yesterday afternoon. As we have highlighted, the globalists are panicking at the euro’s fall and the ECB keeps intervening to try and hasten its decline. If the euro were to cease to exist, it would all but derail the ultimate agenda for a global currency because the perceived stability of using one currency for a plethora of nations would be discredited.

“The euro is important because it’s part of their world government program, they’re very downbeat because they’ve fallen so far behind,” said Tucker, explaining that the globalists had planned by now to have the European Union, the American Union and the Asia-Pacific Union already up and running.

With regard to the climate change agenda, on which subject Microsoft founder Bill Gates was personally invited to the conference to discuss, Tucker said that Bilderberg were still intent on pushing it in pursuit of a carbon tax despite the fact that the whole move was massively eviscerated in the aftermath of the Climategate scandal.

Tucker quoted one Bilderberg member as all but admitting defeat on the mission to hoodwink the public into paying taxes in the name of fighting global warming.

“On climate change, we’re about whipped,” said one of the elitists in attendance.

However, Tucker said that the globalists were working on putting out more climate change propaganda “even as we speak”.

On the issue of the BP oil spill, the Bilderbergers made it clear that President Obama’s apparent “outrage” at BP and his threat of criminal procedures against the company was an little more than an act and that British Petroleum, who have been represented at Bilderberg meetings in the past by people like Peter Sutherland, former non-executive chairman of BP, were still “one of our brothers,” according to the elitists.

The future of oil prices are always an important topic to Bilderberg and the leaks Tucker and other investigators relayed from previous Bilderberg meetings were proven accurate when oil prices hit $150 a barrel in 2008, which was precisely what Bilderberg had called for.

“Gas prices are going to be nice and cheap this summer,” said Tucker, adding that they would start to rise again to the $4 a gallon level around November when artificial scarcity is created.

On the march towards anti-democratic global government, Bilderberg members stated that America must be “Europeanized” and turned into a giant socialist welfare state with health rationing and higher income taxes.

Tucker said hat Bilderberg were intent on mandating a bank tax paid directly to the IMF to fund global governance and a global treasury department under the IMF, and that this would then merely be passed on to the consumer.

In summary, Tucker said that this year’s conference was the most downbeat and pessimistic Bilderberg meeting in history, with massive exposure of their agenda acting as a roadblock to the ultimate goal of an authoritarian world government run by the elite, for the elite.

Watch the interview with Tucker below.


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  2. thoes biderbugers must have a lot invested in crude and wepons indstry.they need to just let go of their lusty blood thursty love of distruction .If they personaly had to go out in the field and fight in a battle,They might feel a litle dirently about t.

  3. Why do the media not comment on all this ,surely the Elite do not own all the media ,is it because they are afraid. If it wasnt for the internet we wouldnt have a clue. The whole world is being ruined by these criminals and no one is prepared to speak for the people. Thank the lord for people like Jim Tucker.

    Now a republican has stated that America needs to wage war on Iran , this is supposed to take peoples minds off the economy and the ruining of the world, a war makes money for the elite and kills off soldiers and civilians without a care for anyone but themselves.
    Iran is not the problem, the Bilderbers are the modern day terrorists.

  4. On CNN today its says that Israel contends that Iran are the biggest terrorists ., A republican a few days ago said that America should go to war on Iran ,so the agenda is leaking out. America printing billions of dollars to help the economy, all the while weakening other currencies by causing them to rise in response to the American dollar, this just creates problems for exports in those countries. Seems like the bilderbergs plan on world war 111
    Where are the protesters now.it needs big actions to stop these people because the politions are all in it . the ordinary media wont print anything, what about posters being put up in the cities telling the story ,it seems Americans are the least informed .

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  8. I really like the your style, it’s different.

  9. This is only the tip of the iceberg. Google Trilaterist, Cecil Rhodes. 600 prisons in U.S. The elitist are planning One World Order and getting rid of the old, sick and the drags on society. This is all part of a plan of many years. It’s a good thing the Lord will be coming and these monsters will not be able to finish what they want to accomplish. Be alert.

  10. great thanks for sharing

  11. I have done a lot of research on this jim tucker…I understand the control of the media is over whelming and proven to be controlled by Jewish interests. Does this make me anti-Semitic? On Mr. Tuckers list I keep looking for one name of a family that controls the entire wheat production of North America. Not one mention of this family. People like Bill Gates gets charged with having a monopoly. What about this family? Try google McMillans you will find nothing about them. I ordered a book called the Merchants of Grain and had my phone tapped for at least three months. This family is now making a huge effort to control the beef industry in Alberta. Funny how a fish farmer who worked for these crooks became a cattle farmer in Alberta and was the very same farmer responsible for blowing a whistle on mad cow in Alberta! Wonder why 20/20 missed this big story? We live in a facist society where the rights of the individual are being slowly erradicated. Almost 100% of the new laws written in both Canada and the USA are corporate laws protecting the corporations rights over the individuals. Out of the sheer propaganda I am seein on the news …I am very surprised Iran hasnt been hit already. If I had anyone i loved in this country I would beg them to leave immediately. I want to say most to anyone that is reading these types of posts. Rich people make wars and profit in them. Poor people only die in them. Democracy is an illusion. You are given a blue puppet or a red puppet that spent hundreds of millions of dollars to win a job that pays a couple of million. The people in power spend these mass amounts of money to ensure things dont change! Sure the blue puppet appears to be trying his best to change things but the dam red puppet thwarts his every attempt! We voters are then so pissed off at the blue puppets failure that we all switch and vote in the red puppet giving us all the illusion that the people of this democratic country have spoken and they have spoken for change. Am I the only one getting dizzy from this ride? I dont know who killed JFK but I will bet the people who control our government do? If you believe Lee Harvey Oswald killed him. Then you probably believed OJ Simpson was innocent.

    • Very well said, Andy. I tell as many people who will listen that the answers to Americas problems will not come from the people who caused the problems in the first place… they will come from all of us.

      But as long as we continue to allow ourselves to be divided over political party affiliations, race, religion, etc, we will all die together.

      There is not a dime’s worth of difference between any political party candidate – that’s why nothing ever changes. We are still marching steadily toward fascism in this country and it’s going to get real ugly real fast in the next few ears.

      • There’s a very interesting story I found about the corporation of Monsanto. Shows and names congressmen of the United States Government siding with the corporations and the monetary gains these people received by protecting the rights of the corporation over the individuals. (www.veoj.com/browse/videos/category/technology/watch/v8968165kyRdfmYC) Found out too i am spelling the name wrong MacMillans. Pauline MacMillan is listed on most of Americas top billionaire list. This lady is also listed as CEO on alot of seed and fertilizer companies in North America. Cargill being one of them(she is not listed as CEO for Cargill) but she controls 88% of the company in 2009 with annual sales hitting 117 billion. I dont think Bill Gates hit that mark. I checked out Zeitgheist or however you spell it what a waste of time. I also dont believe that 911 was an inside job. Again i wasted alot of time on that conspiracy. I do ponder why it took President Bush over two weeks to allow the armed forces to hit the camp where bin laden was staying? Seems if you wanted that guy bad enough to offer 50 million dollars for his capture. Why not use a nice cruise missile of 250K or even the cheaper bunker buster? Seems Mr Bush was making too much money being in bed with the Laden family. I think if one takes money over the interest of the country he comes from the armed forces would view this act as high treason? Maybe I am wrong. He did however get voted in twice? I have no idea how this man got voted in twice. I have read stories of how America put Sadam Housain into power and then used this puppet to attack Iran. USA backed Iraq with arms for oil and Russia backed Iran for again oil. It was a perfect scenario for the super powers. They were making billions and only Muslims were dying. About one million of them. I am not Muslim. If I were to pick a religion I like Buddhism. Its gentle were all connected and makes the most sense. I will never condone killing condoned by a Government nor will I believe any one that says God instructed him to blow up innocent people. God says thous shalt not kill and thats good enough for me. You cant combat evil with evil you can only combat evil with goodness. I will meet my maker stead fast to these principles. I see events that make my blood boil and can’t understand why people are allowing this path we are all on to continue. I feel a Government is suppose to work for the people who are paying it. Dont they call it public service? Why are our so called public service people doing things called top secret. Can you imagine having a house keeper and asking her what did you do today and have this person tell you it was top secret? I cant stand hollywood… I dont need to hear about hilton who won the super bowl or who is in detox.. I want to know why my Government or anyones Government is sending our poor young men and women to die in conflicts that really dont concern us. I am sure if America promised not to involve itself in Middle Eastern concerns and asked for forgiveness in past transgressions we would all see terrorism go away. But OH no there is too much money in terrorism for it to ever go away. If America really cared about human rights like they are waving the flag in Afghanistan then where was this concern in Rwanda? Africa is a continent with way more needy people then the entire Middle East! We sold our manufacturing base out to both Mexico and China. I think the suits in charge of Wall Street were smart enough to see this happen yet they couldnt look past the profit they made in the short term. They cut their own throats and the lively hood of the people who make the United States of America the greatest country in the world! Why werent the crooks of wallstreet forced to payback the 300 million dollar bonus checks they received after loosening their clients billions of dollars? Why is this column not filled with people of like minds. Are we all consumed by that fat idiot from New Jersy Snooki. Snooki reminds me of the girl you would have to do only because it was your turn to take one for the team. Nerio fiddles while Rome burns! Amazing how easily the people in charge can herd you like sheep and send your children off to war and you ignorant animals cant get enough of the show!

  12. You completed certain good points there. I did searching on the subject matter and found most persons will go together with your blog

  13. jim tucker is just a disinfo agent, or a used CIA stooge to give people what they think is nutritous information, but leads them to dead ends and zero solutions.

  14. just look at the americanfreepress LOGO! its the pyramid with a star at the middle top! tucker, along with alex jones, nd many many others are just CIA “infomills”

    wise up people.

    • Jim tucker and Alex jones as misinfo agents ?
      you got links ?

    • What about Daniel Estulin, investigative journalist? I’ve gotten some of the same info from him that Jim Tucker states. He is NOT an American either. If the main idiot media doesn’t report on it then it is probably truer that not. Now that Bid Laden boogie man has been brought to the forefront as killed in 2011 the new boogie man will no doubt be Victor Bout.

  15. Thank you for sharing. I am following the site/24.01.2011 18:53:16

  16. thank you admin for sharing/25.01.2011 20:03:24

  17. More people need to wake up and see what is really going on in this world.The Bilderbergs are not the only group to focus on because the Freemasons are the ones who are directing the governments and industries toward the One World Order. The Bilderbergs ARE Freemasons, Illuminati etc. World War III is around the corner and we are kept occupied with American Idol and Jersey Shore to keep our minds off the real picture. Also the additives in our food and drink are keeping us all docile and obedient to their hidden agendas. Google ‘sodium fluoride’ as one example. While your at it read up on ‘Albert Pike and Three World Wars’. Enjoy

  18. Great post, Ill make sure to check back.

  19. Definitely, it’s a major thing for the world future – the info should be spread, great that more and more of us already get to know it everyday (YT).
    Best to all, ppl… Keep it up.

  20. Thanks for an awsome article. You’re blog really rocks!

  21. I remember reading “None Dare Call it Conspiracy” and “The Rockefeller File” by Gary Allen, both of which were written back in the 1970’s. The so called “conspiracy theorists” have been around for a long time, Jim Tucker is one of the few old-school ones still left. I’ve heard people call them “kooks” and “nuts” for many years, I’ve been called a few names myself for believing this stuff. But as time has gone by, more and more of what people like Jim Tucker and Gary Allen have been saying for years has turned out to be true! You have to be nuts NOT to believe it. In reality, the so-called “mainstream media” are the nutjobs, while people like Jim Tucker and Alex Jones are the REAL journalists!


  23. “they need to just let go of their lusty blood thursty love of distruction .If they personaly had to go out in the field and fight in a battle,They might feel a litle dirently about t.”


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