Healthcare Bill Exempts Congress And Staff

Fascist Soup

This is so outrageous I’m fairly speechless.

Politico reports:

The Congressional Research Service believes a court could rule that the legislation “would exclude professional committee staff, joint committee staff, some shared staff, as well as potentially those staff employed by leadership offices.”

However, when the combined Senate bill came to the floor, the definition of staff had been narrowed. Both senators filed a second amendment in December restating their original intent, but they say Democrats blocked it.

The American people will be appalled to learn the health care bill exempts leadership and committee staff. This special deal for unelected staff underscores everything the public detests about the arrogance of power in Washington,” Coburn said. “I tried to fix this inequity along with senators Grassley, Burr and Vitter, but Majority Leader [Harry] Reid obstructed our effort.”

The fascist democrats obstructed an amendment that forced themselves and their crony staff from being put into the same lot with the rest of us.

Of course, why wouldn’t they?

They are a bunch of fascist looting criminal thieves intent on destroying this country at all costs.  They have no morals.  They have no respect for freedom or liberty.  They have no respect for the constitution.

As with all tyrannical governments – laws are for the little people.

Of course, this is just one outrage among thousands.  The history of government giving itself more rights than its citizens is nearly endless, even in our supposedly “free” country.


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