Interview With Mayan Elder Carlos Barrios

Part II – August 2009 Interview With Mayan Elder Carlos Barrios
Earth Changes Media

First an update on the coming of large earthquakes. Carlos had said the United States West Coast is area expected for large earthquakes as Mayan prophecy has been interpreted by the elders. In a recent conversation with Carlos since our interview, more specific areas have been mentioned.

For this writer/researcher it is no surprise. The areas most prone to (large or mega) activity is the Cascadia Subduction Zone which runs from Northern California, through Oregon and Washington and up the Canadian coast to Alaska. (see graph below). The second area of greatest danger Carlos mentioned is lower Mexico, Central America and Caribbean. This was told in the interview two days before the 6.9 earthquake hit in the Gulf of California.

Cascadia Subduction Zone

I wish to add an editor’s note to this prophecy. Although it is not specifically mentioned by the elders, I would suggest the Puerto Rico area which most people would include as part of the eastern Caribbean, is the most likely place for a large or mega quake. It is an area known as the Puerto Rico Trench. It is also called the Puerto Rico Subduction Zone.

Puerto Rico Subduction Zone

Modern Science Confirms Ancient Prophecy:

A dozen major earthquakes of magnitude 7.0 or greater have occurred in the Caribbean near Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and the island of Hispaniola, shared by Haiti and the Dominican Republic, in the past 500 years, and several have generated tsunamis. The most recent major earthquake, a magnitude 8.1 in 1946, resulted in a tsunami that killed a reported 1,600 people.

With nearly twenty million people now living in this tourist region and a major earthquake occurring on average every 50 years, scientists say it is not a question of if it will happen but when. They are calling for the establishment of tsunami early warning systems in the Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean, and better public education about the real tsunami threats in these regions.

The Puerto Rico Trench, which is capable of producing earthquakes of magnitude 7 to 8 or greater, faces north and east into the Atlantic Ocean. There are few land areas or islands to block a tsunami generated near the Puerto Rico Trench from entering the Atlantic Ocean. The United States East Coast has a high risk of suffering a direct hit from a tsunami ‘surge’ or 10 story foot waves.

Here is today’s list of an ongoing ‘swarm’ of earthquakes hitting the Puerto Rico Area. This does not give much comfort:

Puerto Rico Quakes:

Meaning of Prophecy:

Carlos reminded us throughout our interview that prophecy is not used to scare us, nor is it used to define our fate. It is meant to help us best prepare for the changes that are here and to come. The elders tell us the short-sighted advancement of technology and material ways, has directed us in harmful ways. Carlos expressed the enormous power the human has, but those who are in power of the 4th world have created an environment of self-will, greed, materialism, escapism. In my terms he is saying we have simply been ‘dumbed-down’ as we struggle to stay on top of our living styles. Of course we must eat, we must work, we must care for our children’s needs. But the way it is structured (specifically in the United States) is more for “distraction”. Not community, not spirituality, not harmony with mother earth or our neighbors. We have lost our way —-

Carlos shared an intimate personal moment which he has given me permission to tell: Carlos says: “The elders are now sad and tired. We have been doing all we can to share our wisdom with many. We are tiring of explaining to the people of what is to come, and how we have the power to change it. It is not the Maya’s fault, it is each individual’s. The time of talk is gone, the time of adoration and looking for guru’s to save you, or playing with spirituality as if it is a game – bragging to others of where you have visited or who you have taken lessons from. My teacher is better than your teacher. THIS IS DONE. It is time for each person to take responsibility of their individual actions. The elders are not here to save you — YOU ARE HERE TO SAVE YOU.”

The United States Loses Status:

In the Sacred Books of ‘Chilam Balam’, it has been translated to show the current leader of the world will no longer be as we end the 4th world and enter the 5th. This has been interpreted by the elders to mean the United States will no longer have its way. Carlos tells us the 4th world is a learning time for mankind. It is the time greed, lust, liars, users, and time of wars will be allowed. It is meant for us to grow, to learn about ourselves, to rise to a higher self.

Editor’s Note: I believe Carlos was telling us the time we are in has not necessarily been a mistake. Better put – this time of ‘imbalance’ is meant to help us find our balance. Some believe the beginning time of active change to right-ourselves was the 1987 Harmonic Convergence. It was prophesized (not clear if it was Maya or more modern astrology) saying this was the time for us to do the work needed to bring balance back to the Earth and back to ourselves. But we have not done a very good job of this. It has always been my belief this is the reason for the coming ‘extreme’ earth changes. Not to punish us, but to help us re-gain our focus and direct our energy – returning us to beings of integrity. And in this place of self-awareness, the current atmosphere of fear-based greed, deception, and limitation will dissolve. Those who wish to keep the old ways will not have the support needed to survive. Some suggest ‘literally’.

But it will not be the United States leading the way. Many ancient text scholars, and elders themselves, believed it was China who took the leading path. However, the elders have seen something else in the Sacred Books which show ‘there will be a country of transition’. This would suggest China is currently the richest country in the world and has a dominate position on the worlds economy. Carlos tells us China will not hold onto a leading role because of internal discord. The people of China are splitting, and elders have said prophecy says the time between the worlds (4th and 5th) the leader will not continue.

Carlos tells us it will be India who will take the position as the world’s leader as we begin the 5th world December 20th 2012. But remember: “it is not like turning on a switch”. We wake up on December 21st and India suddenly takes its role. It has already begun, just as the changes within all of us. It will be very interesting to witness how this unfolds.

Single Nuclear Strike Between India and Pakistan:

Carlos repeated his earlier prediction made in 2007 saying there could be a single strike nuclear exchange between India and Pakistan. At the time Carlos disclosed this prophecy, Pakistan was off everybody’s radar screen. India was even further away. But by 2008 Pakistan began to be noticed, and by 2009 everyone sees the tense energy between the two nations. We see it is easy to realize a scenario where Pakistan loses control of its nukes, and it will be India who stops any further actions. Perhaps it is this very action which ushers India to take the role as lead nation.

Before it all seems overwhelming and hopeless, Carlos stepped back and wished to remind us: “It is not too late; we can still change the way. It will be up to each individual. We are at the time of the ‘crossroads’. We are now in the time when the land will return to conciseness. This means if mother earth (I would suggest humans as well) is out of balance, she will clean herself.” I had not heard Carlos say this before. He made it perfectly clear — when he says: “she will clean herself”, he means by way of mega quakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, and I imagine every natural disaster she (mother earth) deems needed to bring us back in alignment.

Coming Viruses:

Carlos tells us Mayan prophecy tells of seven (7) viruses which have mutated and could cause the loss of life for many. He tells us “it may begin this coming late fall, but it will not be until 2011” which could bring a world-wide harmful affect. “But it depends on us. We can change this. Prophecy is but a map. We can change the routes we take which will change the outcome.” The question is — will we? Carlos had nothing more to say on this issue at this time.

Barak Obama:

I was quite tense when Carlos began to tell the prophecy of the Sacred Books of ‘Chilam Balam’ as it describes the ‘leader of the current world’. I have allowed myself to become invested in Barak Obama, hopeful that he truly is a man of integrity. That he is the one (as we usher in the 5th world) to really make a difference. As Carlos began to tell me of the elders prophecy, I could feel my body become tense with anxiety, maybe even fear. Fear that he would tell us we have been duped, punked, made as a mark, tricked.

When he said “we (elders) believe him to be with integrity”. Now I could take a breath and even broke a smile as if to say ‘you mean there really is hope, we really can change’. Then Carlos followed up with this: “This could change, but we don’t see it yet. It is the internal power that is in the way. We can not see if President Obama will have the way of change. It is still in motion.”

Mitch’s Summary:

I would like to think it is all “still in motion”. They we can make a difference. We can change our future. We are not doomed to a pre-determined fate. We can change the power (energy) of the coming earth changes. Just as we are in a rapid period of escalating earth changing events such as earthquakes, we simultaneously in a rapid period of the ability to change within ourselves.

I envision the sign of Libra – the sign of balance. The more we increase energy of our abilities to change our ways, the less energy will be bestowed upon the earth changes. The more we change, the less need for mother earth to “clean herself”. If we have the strength to take action, the diminished need to help bring us back to balance through trauma.

Chose is a blessed thing … let’s hope we use it.


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  1. One in Ahimsa. Thank you brother for sharing truth forth rightly. As an educator and one who practices peace, your words illuminate truth to trust. Eagle has been one of my favorite totems. I have the bear clan bracelet from the Navajo nation and the Trail Of Tears. Feeling one with this nation of mother earth and I am grateful for your sharing.

  2. Well thank you very much for those nice words. It’s comments like these that keep me going!


  3. Great post, I have a slightly different take on this but your is a fascinating read and gave me much food for thought.

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